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3 reasons to keep track

​Step 7 to investing is tracking your progress against your goals so you can make any necessary adjustments along the way.​​​​

3 reasons to keep track

1. To know how your investments are performing

Check the account statements for all of your investments every month so you know how much you’ve earned towards your goals. You can also compare your returns with those of similar investments in a benchmark index. If you’re not sure what index to use, you may want to ask an adviser.

2. To know what you’re paying in fees

Your account statements will also tell you about your costs and fees. Any fees you pay will lower the return you make on your investments. If you think you may be paying too much in fees, find out if there are lower-cost alternatives that may be appropriate for you.

3. To adjust your portfolio if you need to

Monitor your investments to check if they are helping you reach your goals. If not, you can make changes sooner rather than later.


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