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4 tips to start investing

​1. Look for options that pay higher interest

You may be tempted to put your money into a savings account and then forget about it. You may not lose money this way, but you could make it grow faster somewhere else. Here are some options to consider.

2. Only buy products you understand

Choose options that you feel comfortable with. Look at the reasons for or against each choice, then make the decision that’s best for you.

​3. Understand the fees

There’s usually a cost involved in saving or investing money. Find out about any fees you’ll have to pay and compare them with other options. Don’t pay for any services you don’t need.

​4. Make sure you can access your money if you need to

If you’re saving for emergencies or for other short-term goals, make sure you can get at some of your money quickly and easily. Ask if you’ll be charged any fees or penalties if you decide to take your money out earlier than you expect.


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