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RRSPs 101

A Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is an account, registered with the federal government, that you use to save for retirement.

RRIFs 101

A brief look at one of the most flexible and tax-effective ways of generating income in retirement.

ETFs 101

ETFs can be a good way to reduce your investment costs, but some types can be riskier than others. Find out how ETFs work.

Annuities 101

A quick look at how annuities can generate a steady income in retirement.

How to better handle a bear market

While day-to-day market volatility is the reality of the stock market, there are periods when stock prices stay lower for longer – this is known as a bear market.

TFSAs 101

A brief look at how Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) work.

Stocks 101

Find out how stocks work and how they may fit into your investment plan.

Types of prospectus exemptions

Generally, securities offered to the public in Ontario must be issued with a prospectus, but there are exceptions. These exemptions are called prospectus exemptions.

The exempt market explained

The “exempt market” describes a section of Canada’s capital markets where securities can be sold without the protections associated with a prospectus.

9 types of investment risk

When you invest, you’re exposed to different types of risk. Learn more about some of these risks and how they can affect your investment returns.

Mutual funds: get the Facts

When you buy a mutual fund you will receive Fund Facts – learn how this document can help you understand your investment.

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