Finances with your partner

Are you planning a wedding or newly married? Or perhaps you and your partner have been setting your sights on a vacation in the Caribbean or hiking in the hills of Tuscany?

Make sure you take time together to talk about your financial plans.  Talking about finances may not seem romantic.  However, discussing money and how you will save it, investInvest To use money for the purpose of making more money by making an investment. Often involves risk.+ read full definition it, and spend it, is a smart way to set a solid foundation for the future.  And if you have already been together for many years, it’s never too late to talk about financial goals.

Understand your investing personality as well as that of our partner. It can help you discover our financial needs, goals and the investing risk you are willing to take. It’s okay if your investing personalities are different – knowing your investing personalities can help you better plan for your future together and prepare for important life events. Visit our Getting started hub for information on how to start investing or you can work with a financial advisor who can help your fit investing personalities and goals together.

As a couple, take a moment to budget and plan for occasional expenses and short terms goals such as:

  • vacations
  • new cars
  • wedding

And don’t forget to plan for your long-termTerm The period of time that a contract covers. Also, the period of time that an investment pays a set rate of interest.+ read full definition goals such as:

Read more about RESPs or Real Estate.  Don’t forget about Saving Money.

Try our Love and Money Quiz. The key is to understand your saving style and that of your partner – then use each other’s strengths and opportunities to reach each investing and money milestone.

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