The application process

Most insurance applications require you to answer several health questions. Be sure to answer honestly to prevent a future claim from being declined.

To apply for personal insurance, you will usually need to complete an application that asks you several health questions. If you say on the application that you have (or had) a health condition, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be declined for coverage. You may just have to pay more for it.

You may need a medical exam

You may be asked to have a medical exam when you apply for insurance, but not in all cases. It will depend on your age (it’s more likely when you’re over 40), your health and the amount and type of insurance you’re buying.

An exam can involve 1 or more of the following:

  • providing a urine sample
  • providing a blood sample
  • having blood pressure measured
  • taking an electrocardiogram test
  • undergoing a more extensive exam if the insurance companyInsurance company A company that sells insurance products. Some companies sell only life insurance. Some sell only property insurance. Others sell all types of insurance.+ read full definition needs more information.

If a medical exam is needed, most tests – even an electrocardiogram – can be done in your home by a nurse. The insurance company arranges for this testing to be done at their expense.

Answer honestly

Be sure to answer all health questions completely and honestly. When you sign your application, you give the insurance company the right to look into your medical history. If you lie or omit key medical information on your application – and this is discovered when you make a claim for payment – your claim may be denied on that basis.

2 key points

  1. You may have to take a medical test to apply for insurance.
  2. It’s possible to be accepted for 1 type of insurance and declined for another.


Answer all health questions honestly on your application. Your claim may be denied if it’s discovered that you lied or omitted key medical information.

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