#4: Shop around to get the best value for your money

Learn how these truths can help you make better financial decisions every day.

Most people shop around for the best price on a new TV or a liter of milk. Comparison shopping works for money, too. The fees you pay on financial services make a big difference over time. For example, use the Mutual fund fee calculator to see how fees affect your earningsEarnings For companies, it’s the money they make and share with their shareholders. For investors, it’s the money they make from their investments.+ read full definition.

Learn how to comparison shop for your money

The Universal Truths

#1: Know your money personality

#2: Know what you’re saving for and have a plan to get there

#3: Know your cash flow

#4: Shop around to get the best value for your money

#5: Care more about your money than anyone else does

#6: Be a saver, not a borrower

#7: Understand when it’s too good to be true

#8: The sooner you start saving, the better off you will be

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