Resources for Seniors

Use these websites and tools to begin finding answers to your questions on issues of particular concern to older adults or seniors.

Anti-Fraud/Consumer Protection Resources

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre


Receives complaints about identity theft, fraud and scams via phone, Internet or mail, and provides information on frauds and scams and consumer protection.

Consumer Protection Ontario


Provides advice and information regarding consumer rights and mediates written complaints between consumers and businesses.

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada


Provides information and tools to educate consumers about their rights and responsibilities when dealing with financial institutions and to increase financial knowledge and skills.

Identity Theft and Identity Fraud Victim Assistance Guide

A detailed online guide for victims of identity theft or identity fraud.
The Little Black Book of Scams An online booklet that outlines the most common types of scams and contact information of fraud-fighting agencies.

Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments


A free and independent service that resolves disputes between participating banking services and financial firms, and their customers.

Ontario Crime Stoppers


Receives anonymous tips about crime or suspicious behaviour.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
(Scams and Fraud)
General information for victims of scams and fraud.

Toronto Police Service

Divisional Policing Support Unit


A non-emergency police phone line that receives reports of elder abuse.
Community and Social Services

211 Ontario

211 or 1-877-330-3213

A free 24/7 helpline that provides information and referrals to community and social services in Ontario.

211 Toronto

211 or 416-397-4636

A free 24/7 helpline that provides information and referrals to community and social services in the Central Region (Toronto, Peel, York, and Durham).

Carefirst Seniors and Community Services Association

Toronto Downtown Central


Provides a full range of community services to seniors in Toronto, including an adult day program, home care, chronic disease management, counselling support, supportive housing, and elder abuse resources.
Government of Canada
Programs and Services for Seniors
Provides information on programs and services for seniors in Canada, including managing your money, fraud prevention, your health, and pensionPension A steady income you get after you retire. Some pensions pay you a fixed amount for life. Others save up money for you while you are working. You use that money to create income after you retire.+ read full definition benefits

Loft Community Services


Provides specialized, community-based housing and support services to vulnerable and at-risk seniors including assisted living, psychogeriatric case management and community re-integration services.

Long-term Home Care ACTION Line


The Ministry of Health and Long-TermTerm The period of time that a contract covers. Also, the period of time that an investment pays a set rate of interest.+ read full definition Care’s helpline that receives complaints against long-term care homes.

Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility

Provides information on resources available for seniors in Ontario, including taxTax A fee the government charges on income, property, and sales. The money goes to finance government programs and other costs.+ read full definition credits, health, managing finances and staying safe.

Older Adult Centre, West Neighbourhood House

Toronto Downtown West


Provides programs for seniors aged 55+ in Toronto, including the Alzheimer Day Program and Frail Elderly Day Program, case management, home support, meals on wheels, transportation, and community development programs.

SPRINT Senior Care


Community support agency in Toronto that provides a range of low-cost services to seniors and caregivers, including day programs, home care, meals on wheels, transportation and recreational activities.

Telecheck Seniors Program


A free program in the Peel Region that provides ongoing telephone support for isolated seniors aged 55+, including medication reminders, safety check-ins and social calls.

WoodGreen Community Services

Toronto Downtown East


Provides a range of community services to seniors in Toronto, including assisted living services, day programs, community exercise, meals on wheels, transportation, and respite care.

Crisis Support

In case of an emergency, call 911

Seniors Safety Line


A free 24/7 helpline that provides information, referrals and support to seniors who are being abused or are at risk of elder abuse. Services available in 150 languages.

Chinese Elder Abuse Helpline


A free helpline that provides information and counselling to Chinese seniors who are being abused or are at risk of elder abuse.

Red Door Family Shelter


Emergency shelter in Toronto for women and children fleeing violence, including elderly women.

Telehealth Ontario


A free 24/7 helpline that provides medical advice and information from registered nurses.

Toronto Distress Centre

416-408-4357 or 408-HELP

A free 24/7 helpline for individuals experiencing emotional distress, marginalization, social isolation and/or who may require crisis intervention.

Toronto Seniors Helpline


A free helpline for seniors and their caregivers that provides information and access to community, home and crisis services.

Victim Support Line


A free 24/7 helpline for victims of crime that provides information and access to services.

Health and Mental Health Resources

Alzheimer Society of Ontario Provides information, resources, education and support for people with dementia and their families and caregivers.
Circle of Care


Not-for-profit home care provider in the Greater Toronto Area, helping individuals live independently at home.
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario


Provides information about heart disease and stroke.
Home and Community Care


A referral resource that connects you with health care services at home or in the community, as well as supported living programs and long-term care.
Parkinson Canada


Provides information and support services for people with Parkinson’s disease and their families and caregivers.
Patient Ombudsman


Receives, investigates and attempts to resolve complaints related to Ontario’s hospitals, long-term care homes, and home and community care coordinated by the LHIN.
Seniors and Caregivers Support Service Unit, Family Service Toronto

416-595-9230 ext. 0

Provides social work services to seniors and their caretakers, including counselling, advocacy and educational sessions.

Legal Resources

Advocacy Centre for the Elderly A community legal clinic that provides free legal services to low-income seniors aged 60+ who live in the GTA.
Investor Protection Clinic, Osgoode Hall Law School


Investor Protection Clinic, University of Toronto, Faculty of Law


A free legal clinic that provides advice to people who believe their investments have been mishandled and who cannot afford a lawyer.




An online and telephone referral service that connects low- and middle-income individuals with lawyers and paralegals providing legal services at reduced rates.
Law Society Referral Service


An online referral service that connects individuals with up to 30 minutes of free consultation with a lawyer or paralegal. Telephone referrals are also available for those in crisis or without an Internet connection.
Legal Aid Ontario


Provides free legal services for low-income individuals in areas including domestic violence, family law, criminal law, and tenant/landlord issues.
Pro Bono Ontario


A free helpline that provides up to 30 minutes of free legal advice and assistance in areas including of going to court (civil matters only), employment, housing, consumer issues and creating Powers of Attorney.

Mental Incapacity Resources

Consent and Capacity Board


An independent tribunal that holds hearings to determine individuals’ capacity to make decisions with respect to medical treatment, admission to a care facility, and managing property.
Ministry of the Attorney General – Power of Attorney Kit An online resource containing instructions and forms for designating a power of attorneyPower of attorney A written authorization for another person to make financial and health care decisions for you if you are not able. Rules vary from province to province.+ read full definition for property and/or personal care.
Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee


Provides services to mentally incapable adults, including conducting investigations, managing finances, making decisions about personal care, appointing private guardians of property and arranging legal representation for capacity proceedings.
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