Some emergencies in life can affect you financially. You could get sick, lose your job, or have a costly repair to your car or home. An emergency fund can provide a financial safety net. Ideally, this fund would provide enough money to cover your essential living expenses so you can avoid taking on debt.

Using this calculator Use this calculator to estimate how much money should be set aside to pay for financial emergencies. Enter your essential expenses.

The general rule for emergency fund savings is to have enough for at least 6 months of essential expenses. What's right for you depends on your personal financial circumstances.

Monthly essential expenses

Housing expenses

Housing expenses total: $0

Transportation expenses

Transportation expenses total: $0

Personal and Healthcare

Personal and healthcare expenses total: $0

Loan payments and other essential fixed expenses

Loan payments and other expenses total: $0


Your monthly essential expenses total $0. You will need to save $0 to accumulate an emergency fund that will last for 6 months.

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  1. Monthly essential expenses are assumed to be expenses that are not easily alterable. Categories of housing, transportation, personal and healthcare, loan and other fixed expenses are generally considered to be categories where payment terms would not be easily adjustable and that naturally occur every month.
  2. The standard time frame for an emergency fund is 6 months of essential monthly expenses. Your personal financial circumstances may differ, as you plan for emergencies ask these 5 questions to start.
  3. The accumulated amount is determined by multiplying your monthly total expenses by your desired time horizon. This is a general estimation and may differ to the amount that you may require given your personal financial circumstances.