A Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) is an account registered with the federal government, designed to provide you with an income stream from your RRSP throughout retirement. Before, you were putting money into your RRSP to accumulate savings for retirement. Now, you withdraw that money from your RRIF as retirement income.

Use this calculator to estimate withdrawals from your RRIF in retirement and see how long your savings will last.

Enter the value of your RRIF at retirement. You can use our RRSP Savings Calculator to estimate the value of your RRSP at retirement. If you already have a RRIF, enter the current value of your savings.

Note: If using spouse’s age for withdrawals, enter their age

Enter your age in the first year of withdrawals. You can open a RRIF at any age, but an RRSP must be closed by the time you turn 71. Mandatory withdrawals begin the year after you open a RRIF.

If your spouse is younger than you, you can take a lower minimum withdrawal by using their age to calculate your minimum withdrawal amount. But you must tell your financial institution that you’re doing so before you make your first RRIF withdrawal.

Enter what you think your average annual rate of return will be in retirement.