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Our quizzes will test your financial knowledge, help you to become more familiar with current money topics, help you to understand what kind of profile you fit into and help you learn what to watch for to protect your money from fraud. Best of all, they're easy to use and easy to understand.

The Canadian Money State of Mind Risk Survey 2014
Complete this quick survey to find out how you stack up against Canadian investors.
  The Cranial Cash Clash
Play the Cranial Cash Clash, a financial literacy assessment tool that pits your financial knowledge against the world.
Love and money quiz
Take turns answering this quiz and learn more about your saving styles.
  Retirement lifestyle quiz
Will you have enough to support the retirement lifestyle you want? Take this quiz to find out.
Starting a new job?
Test your money and investing aptitude so you can plan wisely.
  Getting married?
Test your money sense before you say "I do."
Risk Profile Quiz Risk profile quiz
Are you willing to take big risks in exchange for a big reward or do you need to think more conservatively about your investments?
  Having a baby?
Test your knowledge of money basics related to your new addition.
Be Fraud Aware App BC Securities Commission Be Fraud Aware App
Download this mobile app to get the latest fraud alerts, assess your personal risk and learn how to spot investment fraud.