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Our courses can help you get smarter about your money in even more ways.

Investing 101

This course is for new investors seeking to learn the basics of investing. You'll learn how the stock market works, the different types of investments, risks, and how to get started.

1 hour

Managing Your Money 101

Learn the basics of managing your money, including how to make a budget, ways to save, and protecting yourself from fraud.

1 hour

Planning for the Future

Learn how to plan for important life events including retirement, buying a home, or your child's education.

1 hour

About Investing Academy

Whether you’re new to investing and want to get started, or are simply looking for new ways to get smarter about your money, our courses can help you.

Learn investing basics

Investing Academy by GetSmarterAboutMoney.ca has free courses for you.
Learn the basics about investingmanaging your money, and planning for the future.

Benefits of the courses

These courses can help you get smarter about your money in even more ways.
You’ll gain knowledge about investing and learn how you can put it into action with confidence.
Learn from your desktop computer or mobile device.

Our interactive modules include learning activities, quizzes, tips and videos.
Each course takes about an hour to complete. ​And you’ll receive a certificate after completing each course.

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