4 signs of investment fraud

In this video, learn the 4 signs of investment fraud to help you keep your money safe.

2 min read

Romance scams

If you meet someone online but have not seen them in-person, and they begin to ask you for money, it’s likely a scam.

3 min read

Recovery room scams

The only thing worse than being a victim of a scam once, is being ripped off twice.

3 min read

AI voice cloning scams

Do you know who is calling? Artificial intelligence (AI) can imitate anyone’s voice. Learn to protect yourself from fake voice scams.

4 min read

Affinity fraud

Fraudsters will use their targets’ group identity to gain their trust. Once they have established strong relationships, they convince people to invest in their scheme.

3 min read

Identity theft

Identity theft is when someone uses your personal information – such as credit card number, social insurance number, or other info – to commit fraud.

3 min read
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