Phishing scams

If you’re getting texts from seemingly legitimate sources asking you for personal information, it could be a phishing attempt.

5 min read

Grandparent scams and how to avoid them

In grandparent scams, the scammer will pretend to be your grandchild. Scammers may say they urgently need cash from you. Follow these tips to avoid becoming a victim of this scam.

3 min read

Fraud prevention month

March 2, 2020: Tyler Fleming, Director, Investor Office joined partners at the Toronto Police Service news conference to kick off Fraud Prevention Month.

1 min read

Fraudster trick – Email spam attack

An email bomb is a distraction technique used by cyber fraudsters to bury legitimate transaction and security messages in your inbox with hundreds or even thousands of duplicate junk emails.

2 min read

Romance scams

If you meet someone online but have not seen them in-person, and they begin to ask you for money, it’s likely a scam.

3 min read

What to do if you are defrauded

Financial fraud can be stressful and affect you financially and emotionally. If you suspect you’ve been defrauded, take these steps right away.

2 min read

Pump and dump scams

In a typical “pump and dump” scam, a fraudster offers you what appears to be an incredible deal on a stock, described as a once-in-a-lifetime investment. Follow these tips to avoid and report the fraud.

3 min read

7 signs of financial elder abuse

Everyone has a role to play in identifying and preventing financial elder abuse. The following are signs to watch for, that it could be happening to an older person you know.

2 min read

OSC Inquiries and Contact Centre

If you think you may be a victim of an investment fraud or scam in Ontario, or if you would like to report potential unfair, improper or fraudulent practices, contact us.

3 min read
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