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Net worth calculator

Calculate your net worth – the difference between what you own and what you owe – and compare your results to other Canadian households.

Use the calculator to calculate personal or household net worth. You can use the asset and liability categories listed or add your own.


Cash and equivalent assets

Cash and equivalent assets are those you could easily access if you needed the money right away. These are also called your “liquid” assets because they can be turned into cash (or liquidated) quickly.

Chequing account(s): $
Savings account(s): $

Investment assets

Investment assets may include assets inside or outside of a registered account. Investments in registered accounts, such as RRSPs or TFSAs, may include cash, since they are not as liquid as cash or equivalent assets.

Registered Retirement Savings Plan(s) (RRSP) investments: $
Non-registered investments (mutual funds, GICs, stocks, bonds): $

Personal assets

Personal assets are often illiquid – they are difficult to turn into cash quickly. This category of assets includes your home, valuable items or objects of diminishing value like your car.

Principal residence: $
Car(s): $

Total cash and equivalents: $0.00

Total investments: $0.00

Total personal assets: $0.00

Total assets: $0.00



Liabilities are your debts and obligations – what you owe to people, financial institutions or the government.

Mortgage on principal residence: $
Credit card(s): $
Car loan(s)/lease(s): $
Line(s) of credit: $

Total liabilities: $0.00



Estimated net worth:


Total assets:


Total liabilities:

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Breakdown of Canadian households by net worth:

Hover over the graph to see the percentage of Canadian households by net worth, and see where you fit in.

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Average Canadian household income and net worth:

Household Income

Net Worth

Hover over the graph to see how your results compare to average Canadian household income and net worth.

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