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Beginning your investing voyage

Thinking of plunging into investing? Stay comfortably buoyant with resources to help you navigate both calm waters and currents.

Types of investments

If you are considering investing in stocks, bonds or any other investment
product, you’ll want to understand how they work.

6 min read

Inflation and your household budget

When prices rise, concerns about your finances may also go up. Check out our tips to tackle the cost of inflation.

5 min read

Curious about crypto?

5 min. read

Join our crypto chameleon on a tour of GetSmarterAboutCrypto.ca. You’ll see all the shades of crypto assets from the rules and regulations to stories about crypto frauds.

Emergency fund

Having a small emergency fund can alleviate major stress. Putting a few dollars away each month can help you prepare for the unexpected.

In the spotlight

Investor insights

Check out our ground breaking research to better understand retail investor behaviours, attitudes, and experiences.

Investor outreach

OSC in the Community provides presentations about fraud prevention, investing 101 and the client-advisor relationship for investors, including newcomers and multicultural groups.

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